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Robert H. Tourtelot Robert H. Tourtelot, PLC
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Our goal is to deliver the best litigation, business and real estate law services in a focused, creative and cost-effective manner.
Bob Tourtelot's commitment to each client includes:
  • Hands-on involvement throughout the relationship
  • Cost-efficient use of associate and paralegal services
Bob Tourtelot is a lawyer who loves to practice law and to win. He has over 40 years of experience as a trial lawyer.

Bob has earned his reputation as an aggressive and hard-hitting litigator who knows the facts and never backs down. As the attorney for one of the police officers in the O.J. Simpson case, in addition to being the initial attorney for Fred Goldman's wrongful death case, Bob's boldness was evident to millions of television viewers. Whenever he spoke publicly on the matter, Bob displayed the utmost confidence, which was from winning numerous multi-million dollar awards for clients.